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I'm Stuart L. Hart, a leading authority on the implications of environment and poverty for business strategy. A few years ago, I defined the concept of sustainable value; my work includes over 70 academic papers and several books.

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Capitalism at the CrossRoads

My best-selling book, Capitalism at the Crossroads, published in 2005, was selected by Cambridge University as one of the 50 top books on sustainability of all-time; the third edition of the book was published in 2010.

nextgen BoP

With Ted London, I'm the author of a newly released book entitled Next Generation Business Strategies for the Base of the Pyramid

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beyond greening

Beyond Greening: Strategies for a Sustainable World won the McKinsey Award for Best Article in the Harvard Business Review for 1997 and helped launch the movement for corporate sustainability.

fortune at the bottom of the pyramid

With C.K. Prahalad, I wrote the pathbreaking article: The Fortune at the Bottom of the Pyramid which provided the first articulation of how business could profitably serve the needs of the four billion poor in the developing world.

The Great Leap: Driving Innovation from the Base of the Pyramid
By Stuart L. Hart and Clayton Christensen, Sloan Management Review

A Natural-Resource-Based View of the Firm
By Stuart L. Hart, Academy of Management Review

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I focus on creating sustainable value -- growing profits, increasing competitive advantage, and generating growth -- through the pursuit of sustainability. MY vision of a sustainable future is one in which companies, and even nations, can flourish indefinitely. This means reversing the widening gap between rich and poor, and halting the rampant loss of natural capital and biodiversity worldwide. I believe that business can, and should, be the engine for change.

The winning companies of the present and future will be sustainable enterprises, companies that grow and profit by moving us more rapidly in a sustainable direction. Attaining global sustainability through this new breed of enterprise calls for transformational change in corporate vision and strategy. To address this challenge, companies must learn how to open up to the world: Strategies need to take into account the entire human community of 6.7 billion, as well as the host of other species with which we share the planet. To realize the vision of sustainable enterprise, a new set of guiding principles are needed.

Here are a few examples of topics I have spoken about in the past:

- Creating Sustainable Value

- Next Generation Strategies for the Base of the Pyramid

- Taking the Green Leap

- Embedded Innovation for the 21st Century

- Driving Innovation from the Base of the Pyramid


CECP Summit
June 2, 2011

Next Generation Strategies for the Base of the Pyramid

Februry 8, 2011

Developing Humanity, Reducing Poverty: The Emergence of the Third Generation Corporation
Keynote Presentation at the Annual Zurich Economists' Forum
Zurich, Switzerland 9/16/10
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Taking the Green Leap: Embedded Innovation for the 21st Century
Annual Heinz Lecture at the University of Pittsburgh
University of Pittsburgh 4/8/10

The Green Leap: A New Strategy for Sustainable Development
Keynote at Launch of Tsinghua Center for Green Leap Research
Tsinghua University, Beijing, China 12/14/09

Harnessing Innovation for Development
Plenary address to the Clinton Global Initiative
New York, New York 9/23/09
For more information on Hart's role in CGI, click here
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Professor Hart delivered a speech on "Sustainable Prosperity Through Green Leap Strategies" on December 8th, 2010 as part of the ceremony celebrating his appointment as Guest Professor at Tsinghua University's School of Economics and Management where he serves as Co-Chair of the newly launched Center for Green Leap Research.
Tsinghua University, Beijing, China

Base of the Pyramid Business: Next-Generation Strategies
Keynote address at the EVENPRO Summit on Social Marketing and Corporate Responsibility
Caracas, Venezuela

Enterprise for a Sustainable World
Keynote address at Dominican University's Power of Commerce for Social Good Symposium
Chicago, IL

Co-Creating Markets for the Base of the Pyramid
Keynote address at the Grupo de Lideres Empresarial (LIDE) Marketing Forum
Guaruja, Brazil

Creating Sustainable Value
Plenary address at the Conscious Capitalism Conference
Boston, MA

Taking the Green Leap
Keynote address at the Research, Development and Innovation Annual Conference (ANPEI)
Curitiba, Brazil

New Businesses for a Sustainable Future
Keynote address at the International Congress on Business Citizenship: Practice and Innovation for Inclusive Business
Recife, Brazil

Feature Event: The Great Convergence--Taking the Green Leap
The Closing Session at the Cornell Global Forum on Sustainable Enterprise in New York City featuring Charlie Rose (moderator), Stuart Hart, Al Gore, Fisk Johnson, and Ratan Tata.
New York, New York

From World Factory to World Lab
Plenary presentation at the China Entrepreneurs Club Summit
Beijing, China

Business Sustainability: Where Have We Been, Where Are We Going?
Keynote Address at the GRONEN Conference.
Nicosia, Cyprus

Sustainable Strategies for Innovation, Growth, and Profitability
Keynote Address at the Xerox European Leadership Summit.
Dublin, Ireland

Base of the Pyramid: A Vehicle for Sustainable Development
Plenary Address at the CHAMSA National Conference (South African Chamber of Commerce).
Johannesburg, South Africa

BoP for Sustainable Development
Plenary Address at CHAMSA CEO's Networking Dinner
Johannesburg, South Africa,

Low Income: Capitalism at the Crossroad
Plenary Address at the Wal-Mart Retail Forum
Sao Paulo, Brazil

Creating Sustainable Value: Aligning Business, Earth, and Humanity
Plenary Address at Boston Consulting Group's Annual Conference.
Chicago, Illinois

Leveraging Sustainability Through Tourism in Ireland
Plenary Address at the Ireland National Tourism Conference.
Dublin, Ireland

What is Sustainable Enterprise?
Plenary Address at the CreativeNation Conference: Working Together Towards Sustainability, Campaign for Denmark.
New York, NY

BoP: State of the Field
Plenary Address at the Business with Four Billion Conference.
University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Michigan

Is There a Market at the Bottom of the Pyramid?
Plenary Address at the Reaching for the Fortune at the Bottom of the Pyramid Conference.
Danish Confederation of Industries, Copenhgen, Denmark

Opportunities for the Majority: The Base of the Pyramid Protocol
Plenary Address at the Opportunities for the Majority Conference.
Inter-American Development Bank, Montego Bay, Jamaica

Beyond Green: Toward a Truly Sustainable World
Plenary Address at the CoreNet Global Summit.
Beyond Green Buildings, Denver, Colorado

Driving Innovation from the Base of the Pyramid
Plenary Address at IDEA07 International Engineered Fabrics Annual Conference.
Miami Beach, Florida

Beyond Greening: Strategies for a Sustainable World
Plenary Address at the BASF Building Systems, Think Beyond Conference.
Austin Texas

Private Sector Strategies: The Base of the Pyramid
Plenary Address at the BASF Building Systems, Think Beyond Conference.
Austin Texas

Testing the Base of the Pyramid Protocol: A Case Study from SC Johnson
Plenary Address at the Conference Board's Leadership Conference on Global Corporate Citizenship.
New York, New York

SC Johnson in Kenya: Business Co-Creation at the Base of the Pyramid
Address at the Business for Social Responsibility Annual Conference.
New York, New York


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